Farris’ Story

I am fascinated with art, not just acrylics and oils, and ink, but the idea of what art in its purest form is. it’s a way to Express what words can’t but also a way to Express what only the right words can. Poetry as well as painting is what I am mainly talking about, see I never was good at expressing myself, as a kid i tried sports and could never see myself using it as a way to Express or vent my feelings. I craved something deeper and more personal.

When I was ten years old I got into acrylics, I fell in love with landscapes and creating a world on a canvas that fit my specifications for a “warm and fuzzy” feeling.

I became obsessed with creating this feeling because it was something I had always cherished as a kid growing up, things like having a fireplace on by the Christmas tree, or being on a family roadtrip in a blizzard and the heat was as comforting as a soft blanket on a cold night, and the dashboard lights were bright in the late night drive and would give me comfort. These are the feelings I love to recreate because these are feelings everyone had or craved.

To be continued…